The Key Skills Needed to be a Great Manager

April 29, 2015

Management jobs are competitive. Make sure your resume is always top of the pile by boasting these valuable key skills.

So, you want to be a manager.

Perhaps it was the fine suits, nice cars and the power that enticed you to this field. Perhaps you just enjoy leading a team. Whatever your reason for being interested in management, you'll need to be at your best to build a career out of it. With lots of competition out there, you need all the help you can get.

Thankfully, you're about to get it. This will be one of the most useful management jobs articles you've ever read, as it will tell you comprehensively what key skills employers are looking for, and how to get them. If you're ready, let's begin.

Key Skill #1: Patience

In a fast moving world, patience is key. As a manager, you'll be working as part of a team. This team will be comprised of individuals, each with different abilities. When looking to hire a manager, most employers will look for a worker with patience.

Demonstrate this ability by including voluntary work on your resume.

Key Skill #2: Time Keeping

Management, like all administrative jobs, requires working towards a deadline. Late projects mean the company develops a bad reputation, and that's just not acceptable. A manager needs to be able to keep their own time, as well as their team's.

If you're great at time keeping, you're perfect for a career in management.

Key Skill #3: Motivation

If you want to work as a manager, you'll need to be self-motivated. Sometimes, the days can be long and the projects demanding. Certain individuals are naturally more motivated than others. Those in executive jobs always tend to have a passion for what they do. They enjoy their careers and they enjoy succeeding.

Key Skill #4: People Skills

Some wonder forever how to become a manager. Others go out and make it happen. If you don't know how to search management jobs, then you'll need to create a network. This network will stay with you for most of your career and will help you during times you need it most. You'll also need people skills to help you interact with both customers and staff.

You can demonstrate these people skills during a job interview by being warm, polite and engaging.

Key Skill #5: Creativity

Sometimes, during administrative jobs, problems arise. During these tumultuous times, a manager needs to think on their feet. Administration jobs are all about going with the flow, and looking in control, even if you aren’t. When something goes wrong, you'll be required to think up a creative solution. Or at the very least, a creative excuse.

Key Skill #6: Persuasiveness

Management jobs involve managing staff. Sometimes, you'll need to get these staff to do certain things for the company. These things may include working late, or giving up their weekend to work overtime. It's natural that not everybody will want to do such things. This will require a little ingenuity on your part. Persuading them to help you out will make you a far better manager than if you're someone who can't persuade a team member to get on board with a project.

Key Skill #7: Fairness

Making it to a position of power means you have a lot more responsibility than you may have had at other times in your career. This position of power requires you to act fairly and with integrity. When companies detail their plan on how to hire a manager, finding one that's fair usually comes high on their list. If a manager isn't fair, staff and customers will begin to revolt. The team will stop working for him or her, and productivity will lower.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many skills top managers need, but the seven above are the most important. Good managers are more than just qualifications; they're people. A great manager will have skills to bring to a company that can't be learned in a classroom. These managers inspire confidence, both from CEOs and from other staff. Companies do whatever they can to get their hands on these types of managers, as they're rarer than it might seem.

Boost your career prospects by developing the seven key skills above. If you believe you have some already, be sure to bring them up during your next interview. Working as a manager can be demanding, but if you have the inspiration and ability, you'll find you wouldn't dream about doing anything else.

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